Do I get to have a Guinness again this year?

Guinness St. Patrick's Day

Last St. Patrick’s Day I asked if—given Guinness’ long history of often questionable advertising claims—I should be allowed to hoist a pint of their tasty stout.

74% of you said “Yes. Guinness is yummy. And they aren’t all that bad anyway.”

How about this year?

I sure would love to hoist a pint since it’s St. Paddy’s, but I’ll honor your wishes.

Place your vote here, now:


Thanks again for your vote, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  • Todd Chandler

    Your a brave man to leave your beer consumption up to a public vote. Sure you lucked out last year with a 74% yea vote, but this is one issue where I believe it’s better to be a dictator and simply issue a decree, “It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m going to have a Guinness. The rest of you may eat cake.”

  • Patrick Byers

    Ha! I’m not that brave. I’d just have a Black Butte Porter or a reasonable facsimile. But based on the vote, I am going to pour myself a Guinness now. W00t!

  • Behram

    yess thank you

  • Sharon Azoulay

    i have to ask where did you get this image? is there i way i can get it in high resolution?

  • Jess

    Good info, thanks for sharing! 

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