Hate American Idol? Watch it Wednesday night anyway

Idol Gives Back

Do you hate American Idol? Me too.

I used to hate American Idol for three reasons:

1. Simon is a mean-spirited S.O.B. and I cringed whenever he skewered the hapless no-talent contestants

2. Everything about it wss cheesy: the graphics, the music, the setup . . . you name it

3. It was all about selling records, nothing more, nothing less

But resistance is futile, isn’t it? I was converted by my wife and I admit Idol is now one of my guilty pleasures. One of the main reasons why is because of Idol Gives Back.

In 2007, Idol Gives Back pulled off the biggest charitable event of the year by raising over $75 million dollars in one evening.

They are doing it again this year, and here’s where the money will go:

The show will be entertaining, for sure. Expect appearances by top celebrities from the music, motion picture and television industries, and messages from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain showing their support.

Why I hate American Idol now

1. That S.O.B. Simon is usually right

2. It’s still cheesy in just about every way

3. It sucks up too much of my time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

On Wednesday, April 9th, watch Idol Gives Back by tuning in to Fox at 7:30/6:30 Central.

And give, baby, give.

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