Make your marketing more shareable—pass it on

At a lunch meeting at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, I was beginning to tell a client we wanted to help them develop ways to make their company, products and services more “shareable.”

I know, it’s not a real word, but I use it a lot because it telegraphs the idea immediately.

But yesterday, I never needed to explain. Right as I was going to share some examples of ways to be shareable, the server came to our table and did it for me by handing everyone this card:


When you open it, there are two panels. One has two detachable discount cards—one for you and one to share with a friend:

Another panel encourages you to go online and send an e-card to a friend:

Two ways to share the Cheesecake Factory online.

Her timing was good. But the example was great.

For countless reasons, we all know word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. So it’s smart to develop tools that make it easier than ever for your customers and prospects to share you with others.

So, how can you make your company, product or service more shareable?

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