McDonald’s zags with new concept store

Quarter Pounder store

At a time when most companies are looking for ways to extend their brand to gain a greater share of the customer’s wallet, McDonalds has “secretly” introduced Quarter Pounder, a new concept store in Japan that sells only Quarter Pounders.

That’s right, you can get a Quarter Pounder, or a Double Quarter Pounder, fries and a drink—and nothing else.

No Egg McMuffins, McNuggets, McFlurry’s—and certainly no clown. In fact, there’s no McBrand, and until recently—no hint of the golden arches.

Here’s a shot of their homepage as of about a week ago, via InventorSpot:

Quarter Pounder store homepage

Simplicity is a powerful concept, and focus is always a good thing. But with such a limited menu, will the Quarter Pounder store ever be anything more than a novelty?

What do you think of McDonald’s brave new concept?

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