TripAdvisor’s smart campaign to drive word of mouth

TripAdvisor luggage tag and window stickers

I’ve found online review sites like TripAdvisor and UrbanSpoon pretty useful when I travel on business or with my family. They’ve helped me find great hotels, restaurants and entertainment options I wouldn’t have normally been aware of.

Since I get so much from these sites, I try to give back by writing a review when I have an exceptionally good (or bad) experience.

This week, TripAdvisory sent me nice thank you — a new luggage tag.

This is a classic win-win: I get a rugged new luggage tag that┬ásubtly tells the world, “Yo! Better be bringing it with the service – I will review you!” TripAdvisor converts a casual reviewer into one that’s a bit more serious and gets their brand out into the market.

Along with the luggage tag, they sent window decals for me to give my “seal of approval” to some of my favorite hotels, restaurants, etc. These venues may well be more interested in posting TripAdvisor decals if they are given to them by a customer — as opposed to posting ones sent to them by a review site themselves.

Smart move, TripAdvisor. Whether you were just thanking your reviewers or you developed this as word of mouth campaign really doesn’t matter: That’s just what it’s doing.

Have you seen any smart word of mouth campaigns lately? Do share.