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American eagles and flags coming soon to an ad near you

Osama Bin Laden was a bad man and the world’s a better place without him. And I’m just as patriotic as the next guy.  But mark my words, soon you’ll see ads with American eagles and the American flag popping up, just like after 9/11 as advertisers aimed to capitalize on American emotions.

With thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars invested, using this tact is lazy, tacky and patently offensive.  If your company really cares, don’t commercialize–donate a portion from each sale to a veteran’s organization or one of the many groups that have been impacted by terrorists here and abroad.

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  • Cannot agree more – he was an evil man. Indeed there will be businesses that try to capitalize on the emotions of the vulnerable. Also, due to the way he trained his followers, there is sure to be retaliation for his death?

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