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An opportunity missed, and at what cost?

By April 18, 2012 3 Comments

I just contacted a company because a coupon code they emailed me didn’t work.

As it turns out, it expired in their time zone, not mine, so I missed a discount of about $10 by about 10 minutes.

Sure, I could have been an ass about the fact they didn’t state the timezone on their coupon, but it was only $10.

But customer delight drives word of mouth, and had they bent the rules by 10 minutes and honored it, this would have been a different post — and I would have surely shared the name of the company with you.

I’ve been a non-friction customer for at least eight years and have spent thousands there. What a shame my business wasn’t worth $10 to them the first time they actually had to provide this customer with a little customer service.

What a shame, indeed.

How do you think they should have handled my inquiry?

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