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Bite-sized Friday: The Virgin Edition

By January 23, 2009 One Comment

No, this isn’t the first Bite-sized Friday—just the first one since October. Bite-sized Fridays are essentially mini-posts, thematically linked.

And away we go:

Virgin Atlantic 25th anniversary ad

Virgin Atlantic’s 25th Anniversary ad, 25 Years, Still Red Hot has been getting a lot of attention lately, but positive and negative.

Some think it’s sexist, others don’t.

Some ad creatives love it, while others hate it.

You be the judge.

Virgin America sells carbon offsets from seatbacks

That’s right. Now you can buy carbon offsets from the in-flight entertainment system in the seatbacks on your Virgin Atlantic flight.

Guilt-free flying. How cool is that?

Busty Virgin Mary models cause outrage in Chile

Fashion designer Ricardo Oyarzun’s use of nearly-nude models for a fashion show in Chile have raised eyebrows by “dressing up models like the Virgin Mary — in some cases with ample, near-naked breasts.”

Image: REUTERS/Rodrigo Nunez

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  • Can’t wait to see how many people protest the use of the word “Virgin” as a corporate name… Oh, wait, that was already done in a previous post. My bad…

    I love what Virgin Atlantic has done in terms of brand differentiation. Sexist? A tad. But the media industry worldwide thrives on the fact that most people (men and women) like to look at physically attractive people. The ads in many women’s magazines are testimony to that — some are sexier than this Virgin spot…

    And as a former ’80s teenager, I love the nostalgia. Asteroids rules!

    By the way, a Harvard Business Review blog had an interesting post about Virgin Atlantic you might want to read:

    “Customer Service Alone Is Not Enough”

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