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Another Dawg in the house

By September 24, 2020October 8th, 2020No Comments
Outsource Marketing's new marketing intern

Well, folks. The Dawgs keep coming and they’re not stopping anytime soon. Don’t worry – they won’t bite (if you’re nice).

Join us in welcoming UW Senior, Jia Jia He, to the team as our new Marketing Intern. Jia Jia is studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She found the Marketing Consumer Behavior class at UW especially interesting and is excited to take an entrepreneurial class this next quarter where students create a mock company together.

Jia Jia is looking forward to discovering her hidden passions within the marketing discipline while getting a feel for working at a marketing firm.

In her free time, Jia Jia enjoys singing, dancing, and cooking – oh, my! She’s also an adventure seeker who likes to travel when she can.

Go Dawgs!