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Blog spam. Welcome to the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame.

By January 16, 2008August 19th, 2020No Comments

Spam of any kind sucks. It especially sucks when you respond to it accidentally.

That almost happened to me recently when a pesky blog spammer commented on a posting with this:

Very interesting thoughts regarding Ad Age Trends for 2008: My take. But would you like to submit comments and backlinks on millions of blogs automatically? Blog Comment Poster will do it for you. Blog Comment Poster will increase your traffic, backlinks and earnings dramatically! Sounds cool? Yes, it is… the best automated comments posting tool on the Internet with many advanced features.

Sure, Akismet caught it, but it also catches legitimate comments too. The Responsible Marketing Blog’s traffic is picking up quite nicely, but I don’t get so much spam that I can’t read the entire comment before approving it. I’ll bet this tactic works on blogs that get huge traffic. It has to, otherwise the spammers wouldn’t be doing it.


So, who do you think belongs in the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame?

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