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Hang on to your mittens. We’re rollin’ into winter with new teammates.

By December 1, 2021April 11th, 2022No Comments

‘Tis the season for new Outmark® gnomies. And we’re happy to announce they’re all on the nice list.

Kayla Horton (she/her)

Marketing Integrator

Welcome, Kayla! Born and raised in Oklahoma, Kayla has southern hospitality down. She made her way to Washington in 2018, and after a few years working in the digital space, she found her niche in project management. She has a knack for arranging responsibilities, managing events, and understanding people. Kayla also has experience in website design and social media management.

Kayla spends her free time trying to out-lift the men at her gym, attending concerts, playing video games, and traveling around the U.S. But most nights, she’s rewatching episodes of Sex and the City, as we all should be.

Kayla is thrilled to get started at Outmark and learn from the team and her clients.

Jeanie Walker (she/her)

Sr. Marketing Integrator 

Lessons are always more. Little did she know, her pet (bought second-hand) was a retired circus horse. Lesson #1: Everyone has a story.

From deep in farm country, Jeanie grew up splitting wood, building cabins, and panning for gold. Lesson #2: Commitment and focus pay off.

At 16, both her 1967 VW bug front seats were stolen. At midnight and miles from home, she had to figure it out. Lesson #3: Critical thinking serves you well, but a sense of humor is essential.

Outfitted with these experiences, she launched a lifelong career in marketing. Jeanie honed profitable skill sets while serving Fortune 500s and startups. Later, she became a business owner herself, deepening her perspective.

Zip forward to today. Clients and colleagues at Outmark inspire her. Dedicated to her craft, she’s proud to work alongside limitless talents.

Jeanie enjoys her downtime. She’s always up to shoot some stick, snuggle her pug grumble, go class IV rafting, or sink into a ripping yarn.

Paul Deans (he/him)

Digital Lead  

Paul is a native Marylander who grew up in Aspen Hill and Olney, MD the majority of his life. Previously, he worked as a litigation support analyst before tapping into the digital marketing field. After finishing college and getting his degree in Visual Communications, Paul decided he was passionate about creating visuals and figuring out how to market them in the best way possible. He knew having the ability to dissect situations and understand audiences with digital marketing was the future. Print marketing was phasing out, so he started adapting a little earlier than others and has continued to stay on top of trends.

Paul likes to spend his time outside the workplace with his kids, and enjoys hosting local events, playing pool, and watching the Steelers win. (Let’s go Steeler Nation!) Recently, he has found a new passion in developing and creating his own TV channel with Amazon. Be right back, grabbing some popcorn…

When Paul received the good news about joining Outmark, he was excited to finally be able to utilize all his skills with a fun team that keeps all the wheels moving by working together. He’s looking forward to continuing learning from his teammates and sharing his digital marketing knowledge that will help take the company to new heights.

At Outsource Marketing, we believe it’s fun to be good so we pick employees, partners, and clients that are good at what they do and fit our playful culture. Want to learn more about working with our marketing outsourcing team Schedule an appointment today.

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