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Webinar: Understanding your digital channels and metrics

By March 18, 2021No Comments

For most people, digital marketing is—let’s face it—a little overwhelming. CPC, CPM, CPA, REM…wait, scratch that last one.

When faced with the nearly endless amount of data out there, what should you do with your limited digital marketing budget? And how do you really assess performance so you can make the best decisions?

In this new 30-minute webinar, we’ll dive into the most important metrics and information when it comes to digital marketing. You’ll come away with more clarity and actionable takeaways to better understand and manage your digital channels. Hosted by Outsource Marketing’s own Franchesca Betts and Zach Harrow.

Let’s Get Digital, Digital: Understanding Your Digital Channels and Metrics

Wednesday, March 31
4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific

Tune in to learn about:

  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing and how they vary in trackability (attribution)
  • Defining your primary digital marketing channels
  • Key Google Analytics metrics for determining traffic value (and what they mean)
  • Use cases for all your new digital marketing knowledge

After the live webinar, you can find it on-demand along with the others in our marketing webinar series.

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