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Creative Summer

Fleeting Beauty: Art in the Sand

By September 14, 2014July 22nd, 2020No Comments

Most of us have childhood memories of spending hours building a sandcastle only to have it instantly washed away when the tide rolled in. Every towering structure we created would crumble beneath even the smallest of waves. But that didn’t stop us from making sandcastles – we built them for the pleasure we get from creating beauty. Although our creations were futile, they were fun; impermanent but irresistable; ironic, yet iconic.

None of us hesitated to build a sand castle because of the knowledge of its impermanence. But we would definitely hesitate to create a masterful work of art if we knew its destruction was imminent.  This fear doesn’t stop Andres Amador – the self-titled “Earthscape Artist” – who chooses to express his creativity in sand.

Amador’s masterpieces speak of the impermanence of beauty. It’s as if he’s chosen to embrace the fleetingness of life by creating beauty in the most impermanent medium of sand. And by doing so he reminds us that although it may be fleeting, beauty is still worth creating.

#CreativeSummer14 – Day 84/93

Image from WHUDAT

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