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Sparkling new team members to wrap up 2020!

By December 22, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Outmark is growing!

We’re excited to announce the addition of three (yes, three!) new team members. They’ve already taken the pot multiple times in #TuesdayTrivia and our weekly NFL football pick challenge. Ringers.

Zach Harrow, Senior Marketing Integrator, Outsource Marketing

Join us in welcoming Zach, all the way from Texas!

Zach joins Outmark with over a decade of experience within the marketing industry. He’s had a hand in directing over 50 large-scale marketing strategies for eight national Enterprise brands, as well as 100+ small marketing initiatives with local, mid-sized companies (Jimmy Johns, Austin City Limits [venue], Topo Chico, eBay, Facebook and Whole Foods).

Not to sound too much like a dating profile, but Zach enjoys hiking and cooking new dishes; collecting records and art pieces, and supporting local causes. Zach currently lives with his fiancée, their Corgi, and two overweight cats, Buddy and Rue (don’t worry they’re both on diets) in Seattle!

Franchesca Betts, Digital Marketing Specialist, Outsource Marketing

Outmark is excited to welcome our new Digital Marketing Specialist, Franchesca Betts.

Franchesca was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers*) but recently braved icy mountain passes to relocate to Washington. She brought along her two pups (Taz and Ben) and what seems to be a whole jungle of plants.

She has been working in digital marketing for just over 5 years and has experience in several industries including athletics, home goods, legal, automotive, and dental. Franchesca’s friends and family rely on her digital knowledge for ‘can I buy from this ad or is it a scam?’ texts but her skills go far beyond that. She has experience across major ad networks, a dozen or so CRMs, ESPs, MAPs, and CMSs, as well as in SEO, UX, SMM, pURL campaigns, and more – though she would like to note that she doesn’t mess with MLMs.

So far, Franchesca’s favorite thing about living and working in the PNW is that every time she say’s “y’all” at least one other person in the area/on the call echos “y’all” as well.

* Geaux Tigers: pronounced “Go Tigers,” originated from the common ending in French Cajun names, -eaux. Established through the common Louisiana practice of busting out some French to make things festive.

Pete Kelsch, Copywriter, Outsource Marketing

Meet Pete! Pete has spent his entire professional career writing words, which explains why he is Outmark’s copywriter. When it comes to writing copy, he’s pretty much done it all, including taglines, scripts, blogs, banners, voiceover, ebooks, infographics, recipes, and the occasional lyric.

Pete has deep experience writing about technology, having freelanced for some of Silicon Valley’s better-known companies and serving as a contract copywriter at IBM for over seven years. But don’t typecast him: he is thrilled to write for a wide range of businesses, industries, and organizations, from finance to hospitality to food and beverage to entertainment to gaming.

Pete secretly wants to write a book about the history of Christmas music, but don’t say anything. It’s a secret.

At Outsource Marketing, we believe It’s fun to be goodⓇ. That’s why we work hard to learn, grow, and evolve. Want to learn more about marketing outsourcing? Considering a digital re-vamp? Need some oomph in your copywriting? Intrigued by the concept of someone who regularly says “y’all?” Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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