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Sexy Halloween costumes for kids: A scary reality

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‘Tis the season again for hot cider, pumpkin patches, rainy soccer games, and sexy kid’s Halloween costumes.

Say what?

Yes, you know what we’reĀ  talking about.

Take a quick stroll through any costume store or gaze online, and you’ll be besieged with images of girls looking 20 years older than they are. Disturbing.

Our own mom and marketer, Andrea Moretsky, recently shared her take on sexy Halloween costumes in ParentMap. Here’s an excerpt:

A responsible marketer would NOT sell fishnet pantyhose, low-cut shirts, high heels or miniskirts to a child, nor pose them in their ads as if they came off the pages of an adult fashion magazine.

An 8 billion dollar per year industry, Americans have no problem doling out the cash for Halloween. The costume possibilities are endless for both kids and adults, which is why parents need to be selective when buying a costume for their child.

Shame on the marketers who think it is okay to sell sexy costumes to little girls and tweens. Kids are already dealing with body image struggles as it is. There is absolutely no reason to throw Halloween into the mix. Why can’t a nurse look like a nurse and not be a sexy nurse? Why does it have to look like a sexy cop? A sexy devil. A sexy Girl Scout. What the what?

Oh, and the sexy pirate costume pictured above? It’s marketed to tweens. Yup. That’s what we’re talking about, folks.

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