Life flows better with Visa, especially if you are buck naked

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  • Bill Boyd says:

    I wish I understood the point. I think it would have been more intriguing to have had him in a coat and tie the whole way.

  • Tim McAlpine says:

    What a great ad. Male bare bum in America? Not likely!

  • sara says:

    Duhhhhhhhhhh! Bill the whole point (and even I got it and I am blonde) is that he has been dumped naked in the dessert on his stag do ( that male ritual before a wedding) by his friends and what a bum!

  • Laura says:

    No Bill Boyd!
    The point is that he has been left naked and stranded after his stag-do by his friends (which is why he smirks at them at the end)
    It also allows him to buy more stuff with the card.
    I think the ad is really good =)

  • stian says:

    Does anyone know made the music in this ad? Really cool tune! 🙂

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