Run out of things to watch last weekend? Never again. #CreativeSummer15

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While Netflix’s suggestion algorithm does a somewhat decent job at suggesting movies based on previous watched movies or actors, many times it just doesn’t cut it.

Just because you liked Al Pacino in Serpico, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy his performance in Gigli.

Reddit user qrv3w has put together a project to help you find movies in an altogether different way – mashing up information from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. There are seven different filters for the results: Great Recent Movies, Great “Unknown” Movies, Critically Overrated Movies, Critically Underrated Movies, Rotten Tomatoes Audience Overrated Movies, and The Worst Movies.

As fall and winter are soon upon us, hopefully this gives a little guidance to help with the coming peak of the binge watching season.


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