The Most and Least Responsible Super Bowl ads

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  • thom singer says:

    Did I miss it in your list or did you forgot “Jack in the Box: Jack Gets Hit by City Bus and cracks his big round head:. (which was disturbing to some of the kids in the room, but is driving traffic to their “” site…so some are saying “effective”).

  • Nice catch, Tom.

    Talk about information overload. I looked at 1/2 dozen sites listing “all” of the Super Bowl ads and none listed it and I forgot about one of the ads that actually got my attention. We screened a number of the ads from my kids, but my 5 year old saw this ad and it surprised him.

    I’ve added it to the poll since I just released this. I’ll be curious to see if it makes one (or both) lists.

  • Martin says:

    It used to be the game was always boring but the commericials were good. This year the game was great (even though I was rooting for the Cardinals) and the commercials were awful. They were weak last year but this is the worst batch I can ever remember.

    Why this is happened I don’t know, but I think it’s clear the era of great Super Bowl ads is pretty much over for now until advertisers rethink what they’re doing. This batch was like a parody of Super Bowl ads.

    Plenty could be classified as irresponsible, some you could call responsible but I don’t think any of them could be called a creative success.

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  • CastrolUSA says:

    I may be biased, but I thought the grease monkeys were pretty awesome.  If you want to the video again, check it out on YouTube:

    To learn more about Castrol EDGE, here’s the site:

  • Actually I LOVE JITB’s advertising resurrection with the invention of Mr. Jack Box. And was quite hysterical trying to get on the website! I could see, though, how horrible that would be if children were watching.

    As far as the commercials go this year, the economy has a lot to do with it. A lot of these commercials were old ones, and so a second tier of advertisers came in and attempted to be as good as the major players (Bud, Pepsi, Coke, etc.) and failed miserably (cash 4 Gold, universal studios, etc.)

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