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Why you need a Marketing Integrator

By August 22, 2008 One Comment

The Outsource Marketing Marketing Integrator

You can probably tell I’m a fan of Integrated Marketing Communications, so maybe it’s no surprise that one of our central positions at Outsource Marketing is called a “Marketing Integrator.”

Our goal is to deliver strategic, seamless and sustainable marketing, and our Marketing Integrators are are a big part of the way we make “strategic” and “seamless” work.

Here’s what they do:

  • They integrate marketing disciplines. Instead of working with a bevy of uncoordinated, à la carte resources (and dealing with all the associated hassles and communication challenges) our clients work with one Marketing Integrator that seamlessly manages branding, naming, advertising, PR, direct marketing, sales promotion, social media, events, collateral and web development, printing, photography, copy writing, promotional items, and just about everything else marketing-related.
  • They help integrate logic, magic and measurement. The Marketing Integrator plays a central role from research, strategy and planning—to creative execution—to reviewing and managing results.
  • They integrate our Outsource Marketing team into our client’s company. We’ve been called an “outside-in” marketing department because we provide the objectivity of outside counsel with the connectedness of an in-house team.
  • Most importantly, and the main reason why they have the Marketing Integrator title, they help integrate the wishes, wants, needs and desires of our clients’ customers into our clients’ companies. This is the core goal of IMC.

To my knowledge, Outsource Marketing is the only place you can find someone with the “Marketing Integrator” title, but you don’t need us to improve your marketing.

While we’d obviously be happy to help, you really just need to find a talented and disciplined marketing field general that understands IMC and knows which tools to use and when—and has a good book of high-quality resources they can rely upon. They are a rare breed, but they’re out there.

If you find one and don’t hire them, send their resume to me.

So, how many marketing vendors are you managing right now?

Comment below to weigh in.

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  • Wonderful piece. I hope this really reaches a plethora of the target audience as it is exactly what I implement with my firm, Vertical Insight.

    One of my specialties is research and development of Integrated Marketing Plans. Too many SME’s still don’t seem to grasp the concept that it’s just wasted advertising funds if the mediums used for marketing and promotion are not integrated to suit 1) their target market and 2) their company image.

    IMC ss like a number of smaller puzzles with various size pieces that must be put together by a strong mind. And then those smaller puzzles eventually combine and make the larger puzzle that most don’t even realize can be construed.

    Well I’m off to get back to my work. Thanks so much for the great read. Keep in touch.

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