Do you respect your customer’s intelligence?


The wisdom of children always amazes me.

On the way to Little League practice yesterday, my six-year-old son heard a radio ad that made him ask “why?

A radio ad for two nights stay at a regional hotel for “only $950!” is what set him off.

His response:

Only $950?!! Why do they always say ‘Only $950?!’… that’s a lot of money!

By “they” he was talking about marketers, especially on the radio.

I was surprised by his passion and proud he was asking the question. But without thinking, I told him it was because that made it seem more affordable—that it would make it seem like it cost less.

His response: “But it’s $950! Saying ‘only’ doesn’t make it less.”

He was right of course, and I’ve been thinking about what he said ever since.

As marketers, we’ve ‘perfected’ copy. We know that certain words and phrases will improve lift.

But are using words like “only” before a price really respecting the intelligence of your audience?

My kindergartener says no, but what do you think?

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