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One resolution to keep: A marketing plan in 2009

By December 31, 2008August 18th, 20216 Comments

A resolution to keep: A marketing plan in 2009
I often ask audiences “Are you happy with your marketing results?” Regardless of the number of people in the audience, nary a hand will go up.

Later, when I ask “How many people are working from a marketing plan?” about the same number of people raise their hands.

It’s no coincidence that of those that do raise their hands were among the few that said they were happy with their results.

I’m not saying having a marketing plan is the path to marketing success. But I will say, without one, you’ll fail.

That’s why I’m using the last day of the year to nag those of you that don’t have a plan, and share The one resolution marketers must make. I’ve shared it before, and I’ll probably share it again next year about this time.

If you are still putting the finishing touches on your 2008 marketing plan, take a quick gander. And if you haven’t started your planning yet, give it a good read.

It will be worth your time.

So, what are your marketing resolutions for 2009?

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  • Rich Janshen says:

    Patrick great business resolution, but I recommend company’s consider taking it a step further and assign this marketing plan to someone within their organization to execute it. Give this person a quarterly bonus or incentive compensation based on the ROI of this plan.
    I have developed many plans for businesses and find if someone is not tasked with ownership (i.e. execution) of this plan it will have dust on by the time Feb rolls around.
    Planning your marketing strategy is important, but come 12:01 Jan 1st 2009 Execution should be the focus to achieve a successful New Years marketing resolution.
    I have enjoyed your blog this year, congrats on a sucessfull 2008 and here is to an even better 2009 Cheers!

  • Melissa Griswold says:

    Here here! I’m a firm believer in sitting down in December to go over how our marketing plan for that year worked. Were we over budget? Under budget? Where are we seeing results? And then moving forward with our new budget for the next year, effective Jan. 1st. The problem I have as a marketer, is working with companies that think they don’t need a budget to move forward. They believe that I know exactly what to do and just do it, with little funds, as it needs to be done. I once worked for a start up that DIDN’T budget for marketing funds in their start up business plan. I was besides myself. It’s like telling a baker I want a cake, but you don’t need to make or a recipe list and go shopping for items as you think you need them. It’s messy, horrible, and you may be forgetting a few key ingredients.

    Thank you for bringing to light this marketing 101 basic idea – as I think many people just don’t know or realize the true importance of it.

    Happy New Year, Patrick, and thank you so much for this great blog that I enjoy reading so very much! 🙂

  • Matt Smith says:


    I wrote a similar post on my blog last week urging sales and marketing leaders to follow advice such as yours and write their plan for the upcoming year.

    My other recommendation is to take a fresh look at the underlying research and data the plan is built around. Too many marketing leaders and sales executives rely on old research at best – or anecdotal data at worst when creating new marketing plans.

    Failure to write a solid plan for an upcoming year, and including updated research, is a sure path to missing the number!

    Happy Marketing and Sales Success in 2009!
    Matt Smith

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