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Zia Hitch Case Study

case study

Zia Hitch pivots to meet demand for home gym equipment

When COVID-19 hit, Zia Hitch faced a serious challenge. Originally formed in part to keep their highly skilled steelworkers employed during a temporary lull in their other business, Zia Hitch saw the need to innovate again to retain staff amid the pandemic.

Zia Hitch approached Outmark for assistance branching into the field of fitness gear. With gyms closing due to shutdowns, suddenly home gym equipment was in short supply as people rushed to outfit their own garage gyms. They pivoted and now their skilled tradesmen are manufacturing rugged steel power racks, crossfit rigs, wall mounted pull up bars, plyo boxes, and more.

Outmark got to work on creative product naming to capture Zia Hitch’s raw and rugged style, a new fitness-focused website, and digital strategies to help move their fitness product line. Zia Hitch has transformed into a lifestyle brand that captured the needs of the moment, generating enough excitement that their first order of apparel sold out in two hours.

We’re proud to work with a company that puts community first: innovating to meet demand, preserve local jobs, and help people get through this pandemic healthy and strong.

As a start-up company we were good at manufacturing but had no experience with building a front-end web business so we looked to Outmark for help. Their fantastic team of copywriters, graphic designers, and web designers helped build a website (and other associated content) which elegantly represents who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Ireke Cooper, Founder, Zia Hitch & Zia Fit
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