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In the big scheme of things, we know our rebrand doesn’t mean diddly to you.

That this news plus five bucks gets you a cuppa Joe, you’ll probably skim over our glorious copywriting and just look at the images and gifs below, and you may well exit out of this window before you complete reading this run-on sentence.

Still with us?

Swell, cuz to us, this news is ginormous—kinda like the following paragraph.

Since May of 2018, between strategic planning, graphic design, web design and development, company and product naming, SEO, PPC, video production, buyer’s journeying, Google Analytic-ing, content planning, copywriting, PR campaigning, copyediting, budget building, print advertising (yes, people still do that) trade show booth designing, project management, a couple hundred scrum sessions, and no less than a dozen viewings of Chicken Attack, we gave Outsource Marketing a facelift.

Anyway, it’s been exactly 10 years
since our last rebrand.

That’s 347.8 Scaramuccis, so, yeah, it was time for a refresh. 

So, without further ado, here’s our
little-to-you-but-big-to-us news:

We’ve decided to formally embrace the abbreviated version of our name,

Outsource Marketing logo - black Outmark, pear .O

Yes, Outmark. Like,
OUTsource MARKeting.

We know. Mind. Blown.

Outmark is to Outsource Marketing what Coke is to Coca-Cola: shorter, simpler, and a little less formal. But Outmark is better because it won’t give you diabetes or rot your teeth.

We also like Outmark because it’s two syllables instead of five, seven letters instead of 18, and half the keystrokes when typing our website address. We expect our L&I claims for carpal tunnel to drop precipitously.

Rotation of new Outmark logo variations

It’s fun to be good.®

Along with the Outmark name, we’re introducing our new tagline, “It’s fun to be good,” because, like, we’re fun and we’re good. And it’s fun when you’re good. At least that’s what our clients tell us. And we believe our clients because they are the best clients.

Glutton for good? Click on the nifty green button below to learn more about how it’s fun to be good when you work with Outmark.

Learn more

Grab your bifocals ‘cause here’s some fine print:

  • and both take you to our company website (which is all-new, too — check it out).
  • All our email addresses will work with either or — why you’d want to continue typing the longer URL is your business.
  • Outmark is a dba of Outsource Marketing, LLC. *Outmark* and *It’s fun to be good* are trademarks of Outsource Marketing, LLC.