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Just because it’s a Privacy Policy doesn’t mean it has to be a drag

No one likes to discover their personal information in unexpected places. Or being spammed. Especially us. Because it kind of makes all marketers look like slimeballs and makes us kind of embarrassed about the profession. And besides, nobody likes a slimeball. Anyway . . . that’s why we’ll never share, disclose or sell any personally identifiable information that we collect from you online.

And yo, we don’t collect personally identifiable information using weblogs, or any other nonsense like that.

If you send a new business inquiry, we may occasionally send you a message regarding specific services or events you might be interested in. When you sign up for our email newsletter, affectionately known as FOMO (which stands for Fear of Missing Outmark), we’ll only ask for your name and email address. FOMO is seldom sent more than once a month. If for any reason you decide you’d rather not receive FOMO or any promotional message from Outsource Marketing, simply click unsubscribe on the link in the footer of the email received.

We’ll be sad to see you go, but after some counseling, we should be able to cope and move on with our lives.