Supply, demand, and puppies! #CreativeSummer15

By September 19, 2015#CreativeSummer15

Christine L. Exley is using her doctorate in applied economics to ensure that no dog is homeless! Roughly 23.5 million people are in the market for a pet, but 17.5 million of those people are unsure about where to look for their next companion. This confusion leads to 3 million dogs and cats every year that have to be euthanized.

… long story short, that’s millions too many.

In order to solve this issue of applied economics, Christine L. Exley and Elena Battles launched a startup called Wagaroo that matches loving owners with pets. Wagaroo eliminates the search costs that holds back many potential owners from finding the right pet in a responsible market!

Learn more, be inspired, melt your heart, and adopt a pet!




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