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All Moms Want for Mother’s Day is Alone Time!

By May 9, 2019August 18th, 2020No Comments

Mother’s Day often conjures images of flowers, gifts, and brunches. However, maybe what mom wants is just a little time to herself. According to a recent study by research firm OnePoll, parents only get an average of 32 measly minutes to themselves per day. We love our baby angels dearly, but that’s brutal.

In an innovative new ad campaign, Kraft Heinz has seized upon this data and is doing their part to help moms get the self-care they need. They’ve created a microsite where moms can submit their receipts for up to $100 of babysitter expenses to make that alone time happen this Mother’s Day.

In a time when so much of Mother’s Day marketing feels saccharine and consumerist, we’re happy to see a company try something a little different. It’s a smart and timely tactic that will surely capture the hearts of tired moms.

What do you think of this idea? And what’s the best Mother’s Day ad campaign you’ve seen?

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