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Get outside! It’s good for you!

By March 23, 2016June 4th, 2021No Comments

We all fall victim to the daily grind. Creating a schedule that fits well around the workweek, and making sure we are well rested to take on all our tasks. After awhile though, the workdays blur together and sometimes can put people in a creative rut.

The best method for breaking this? Go outside! I’m not talking about have a 10-minute session on a park bench. I’m talking about getting dirty, getting gritty.

This weekend we ventured into the Olympic Peninsula and explored everything it had to offer. From typical spots like Hurricane Ridge, First & Second Beach, to hiking a 2000 ft elevation gain trail toward Lake Angeles. A hike my ankles are still recovering from.

Besides the obvious physical benefits, there is a more important motivation…it keeps you sane! Literally, going outside is proven to stabilize your mental health.

So whatever you do, set aside time to go outside. To walk, run, hike, climb, bike, swim, see, listen, explore, and most of all…venture.

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