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How to catch leads with cross-channel marketing

By June 9, 2022July 21st, 2022No Comments

The “who” of a cross-channel marketing campaign 

Are you fishing in the right pond? Launching a campaign without foundational elements is like fishing without bait. Quality lead generation takes sound research. Any cross-channel marketing plan lacking research risks a blindspot. Go fish, right? 

Lay aside your tactics for now. Do the things that will inform your copy and design first. Conduct market research. Only then can you move your target. Be engaged and offer value where your targets spend time. To know where to be, you first need to understand who you’re reaching. This involves understanding: 

Create descriptions of your customers from this data and build out personas. Buyer personas mirror your target. What is a persona? They are research-based thumbnail sketches (fictional) that highlight drivers, triggers, and other motivators. Why does this matter? 

Let’s say your target has low numbers on Facebook. You’ll need to evaluate different platforms or lower your Facebook ad budget. After all, you don’t want to throw money away on fishing bait to catch a rubber boot. 

Buyer persona concerns

The elements in a buyer’s life are significant. Recognize and integrate them. Learn answers to the following questions: 

  • Where do they get entertainment, education, helpful advice? 
  • What stressors harden decisions for them?
  • What makes them feel good, look good, or gain status?
  • What makes them feel safe, smothered, free, capable, off-balance, and confident?
  • In what ways are they inspired to advance or retreat? 

Skipping market research is like handing your competitors a fish-finder. While blindfolded at sea. In a hurricane. It may be tempting to discount the need for market research. Consider famous blunders and what the lack of proper research cost them. Once you’ve nailed the research, it’s time to dive in and explore.

Cross-channel marketing: The “where” of your campaign plan

There is no one single fishing hole. People need more, but prefer “variety” that generally fits within their comfort zone. Depending on what your research yields, the channels will be different. For some audience-product connections, Facebook may be a critical part of your net. For others, it may be LinkedIn. And sometimes, it may be both or neither. A cross-channel approach doesn’t mean all, but many. 

Think about your buyer personas. Imagine being in their self-curated and personalized 3-D world. Reach across channels where your targets are with the right kind of content they value. An integrated approach doesn’t condemn a brand to a single channel (like a website) and expect fish to jump in the boat. It’s about choosing channels wisely. Sharing valuable things in their world that matter to them. 

This marketing tactic demands watching, listening, testing, tweaking, and repeating the cycle. It requires pruning away messaging and channels that are ineffective and strengthening content in channels that do work. 

Examples of marketing channels 

Here are a few common examples of where your messaging can live as part of a campaign:

  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Websites and apps
  • Email
  • Events, webinars, and podcasts
  • Print publications, billboards, or yard signs
  • Transit advertising
  • Company packaging, vehicle wraps, or business cards

Imagine the right channels working harmoniously to help grow your brand versus using only one or two channels to do the same job. It’s the difference between fishing with a pole or fishing with a net. The wider the net, the more fish you’re able to catch.

Customers will know your brand wherever they see it if your campaign is effectively integrated. How? If a brand is consistently positioned and is everywhere they are – in real life and in the digital world – recognition will take hold. They’ll remember what you said, what you look like, and understand what you’re offering. This enables your relationship with them to flourish. 

How cross-channel marketing campaigns improve your results

Here’s the inside scoop. You’re increasing the opportunity for people who want your products or services to find you. Let’s say your audience spends time on the road. Consider how billboards, radio ads, podcasts, and geo-targeted ads work together to get your message across. A lonely billboard on its own won’t be as powerful as collective outlets delivering your message. Repetition and consistency help build trust; your brand will be where they are when they’re ready to buy.

The amplifying effect is real. A Harvard Business Review study confirms a stark reality about a cross-channel strategy. Retailers using a cross-channel strategy realized a 13% increase in in-store spending. Customers exposed to multiple channels are also more loyal. Within six months, these customers performed 23% more repeat shopping trips and were more likely to recommend the brand to others. 

Advantages of cross-channel campaign:

  • Offers a diverse approach with cross-channel use
  • Heightens brand recognition 
  • Cost-effective results (less time and money spent crafting one plan)
  • Uses targeted research to maximize your ROI
  • Guides customers with consistent messaging
  • Streamlines marketing efforts and ideation

How to start reeling in the leads

Ready to cast your line to catch some qualified leads? Before you head out to sea, here are some basic steps to help steer your boat in the right direction. 

  1. Know your customer. Make sure your targeted audience is realistic. Ask yourself, does this demographic relate to my brand? Why or why not?
  2. Have a clear goal and theme for your campaign. If it takes more than a sentence to describe it to someone, you probably need to workshop it. 
  3. Confirm that your imagery and content aligns with your niche. 
  4. Communicate your campaign messaging to your marketing team and sales team. 
  5. Map out how your plan helps you achieve your goals. Can you connect the dots? 

Does a lack of quality leads feel like you’re in a sinking ship? Our team of marketing specialists can work with you to craft a cross-channel marketing campaign that reels in the big fish. Sail on over to our contact page to drop us a line.