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It’s that time of year: “Doing Good December” is here

By December 6, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

Join in the giving with Outsource Marketing’s holiday tradition

Giving back is hardwired into our DNA at Outmark®, so during the holidays we share a little love (and a modest donation) to the causes near and dear to our hearts. Here are the organizations we’ve selected for “Doing Good December.” We hope they inspire you to do a little holiday giving of your own.

Abigail Quam – Center for Human Rights in Iran 

Abigail chose this independent, nonprofit organization that fights to protect and promote the human rights of the people of Iran. Especially in light of the women’s rights movement and the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini and many others suffering under Iran’s tyrannical government, there is a call for political change. 

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Andrea Moretsky – Parkinson’s Foundation 

Andrea selected the Parkinson’s Foundation because her mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. She saw her go from a healthy, active, and engaged to someone who struggled to participate in life. The things that brought her joy — taking long walks, watching her grandchildren’s sporting events, quilting, and traveling — were all taken from her. The Parkinson’s Foundation’s mission is to improve care and advance research toward a cure.

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Britta Springer – World Resources Institute 

People have been experiencing the growing effects of climate change for some time now, but lately, things have felt worse. So this year, Britta started changing one habit at a time to decrease her ecological footprint. She’s excited about The World Resources Institute’s work to tackle global challenges on climate change, renewable energy, deforestation, ocean health, water risk, sustainable cities, food systems, and more.

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Jeanie Walker – Pacific Pug Rescue 

With Jeanie’s three adorable senior pugs joining our video calls, it was easy to see why she picked this organization. Pacific Pug Rescue is dedicated to finding furever homes for abandoned, neglected, and surrendered pugs with an emphasis on seniors and the expensive medical care they desperately need.  

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Jen Kodosky – Athletes for Kids 

As an engaged parent of two athletes, Jen wanted her donation to go to Athletes for Kids. This organization serves children in grades 1-12 with disabilities and special needs. Athletes for Kids match every child with a high school athlete to mentor them for one to three years. This program nurtures kindness, acceptance, and inclusion, one mentorship at a time.  

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Kayla Everett – Vibrant Palette Arts Center

As a graphic designer, Kayla has a love for the arts. Our donation to the Vibrant Palette Arts Center will help empower artists with disabilities, give them a platform to showcase their work, and nurture inclusion in Seattle’s art community.  

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Kayla Horton – Malala Fund 

The Malala Fund advocates for girls’ rights to free, safe, quality education. Malala Yousafzai’s story is one of the first that really sparked Kayla’s interest in politics and activism growing up. She couldn’t grasp how education wasn’t a right for everyone until she dove deeper into her story. Kayla has donated to the Malala Fund every year since it began in 2013. 

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Lilly Stall – Camp Kesem 

Lilly chose Camp Kesem because it is very near and dear to her heart. She was a counselor for two years at UC Santa Cruz, an experience that has greatly impacted her life. Kesem felt like a home away from home, where you were surrounded by driven and charismatic individuals who were not afraid to let their silly out with camp songs and messy Olympics. This student-led organization raises funds to provide children impacted by their parent’s cancer with a free week-long summer camp. 

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Lizzie Gow – National Down Syndrome Society

As an older sibling to someone with Down Syndrome, Lizzie saw at a young age how lacking general respect and resources were for people with Down Syndrome. Her brother Max is such a light in her life, so Lizzie wants to support the Down Syndrome community’s rights and quality of life. They deserve to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.  

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Miguel Mejias – The Animal Foundation

Miguel’s donation is going to The Animal Foundation. The organization’s mission to save the lives of healthy and treatable animals in Las Vegas valley is one that Miguel feels strongly about. Let’s help create a humane and compassionate world for animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. 

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Nick LaPolla – The Wounded Warrior Project 

Nick wanted to donate to The Wounded Warrior Project because he is passionate about our Veterans getting the help they deserve after sacrificing more than we can imagine for us. Veterans need our help, and when you donate to this cause, 100% of the proceeds go directly to wounded veterans. 

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Olivia Shaw – Global Fund for Women 

Olivia has always felt strongly about issues surrounding women and gender equality. She has been so inspired by women across the world who risk their lives just by speaking out and fighting for basic rights and freedoms. The Global Fund for Women backs local, women-led movements and grassroots organizations in 176 countries. They support efforts in climate justice, ending sexual and gender-based violence, education for girls, and workers’ rights.

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Patrick Byers – Endometriosis Foundation of America 

Patrick’s spouse has stage four Endometriosis, so he selected the Endometriosis Foundation of America. “Endo” is misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and severely underfunded: Although 1 in 10 U.S. women between ages 15 and 44 live with the condition, women suffer for years with severe, life-impacting pain and life-threatening complications before they find someone who knows anything about the disease. There are very few doctors that understand it, and fewer know how to help.

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Rick Blythe – National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Rick chose NAMI because of the resources, guidance, and assistance this organization provided when an adult family member experienced a serious mental health crisis. NAMI’s local support groups for families and their positive impact with state-level lobbying are making significant progress in addressing serious mental health issues.

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Tricia Vowles – Alzheimer’s Association 

Tricia chose to support the Alzheimer’s Association for Outmark’s “Doing Good December” in honor of her grandmother, who is an Alzheimer’s patient. Since her diagnosis, Tricia has experienced first-hand the effects of this disease on patients and families. This organization leads nationwide initiatives on Alzheimer’s care, support, and advocacy, and through their research, is working toward a world without Alzheimer’s or Dementia. 

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Rheana Hersey – Step by Step  

As a mom of two little ones, Rheana wanted her donation to go to the mothers at the Step by Step program. Step by Step empowers mothers by providing help to women with high-risk pregnancies, giving them and their babies the best chance to thrive. Caring every step of the way, Step by Step continues to offer support and resources to mothers after birth to establish safe homes and secure futures for them and their children.

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It’s fun to be good, and around this time of year, we’re reminded more than ever of the importance of doing good. Happy holidays from Outmark!

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