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Collaborating for kids

By June 27, 2017July 23rd, 2020No Comments

Here at Outsource Marketing, we give a damn. And there’s nothing we like more than when we get to support other organizations that are doing good in the world.

We attended the annual ACRC conference this year – a gathering of hundreds of organizations made up of hundreds of people who care about children. And while we were there, we met The Guild for Human Services – a nonprofit serving individuals with behavioral and mental health challenges in Massachusetts.

Their mission is admirable: “to make each individual’s life as fulfilling as possible, by providing services and assistance that enable children and adults to live productive lives.” And the way they go about fulfilling is is inspiring: providing education, residential, and vocational services.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the good they do:

  • Education: Their special education school provides students (ages six to 22) with the education and support that they need to achieve the highest level of education that they can.
  • Vocational Education: Students age 15 and older participate in work shifts for which they earn minimum wage.  Work shifts include responsibilities in the school – such as filling vending machines – as well as opportunities to work in community businesses such as restaurants or athletic clubs. 
  • Adult Residential: Individuals age 22 and older live in family-styles homes located in neighborhoods.  The adult residents increase skills for independence, engage in their community, and access day programs, leisure activities, and hobbies that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Through their mission and services, The Guild for Human Services is making a difference in the lives of people with mental and behavioral challenges in Massachusetts.  Whether it’s someone learning to care for themselves, accomplishing a new goal, or simply sleeping through the night, the Guild is helping people reach their fullest potential.

And that’s something we give a damn about.

Learn more about the Guild for Human Services, or make a donation online.

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