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What is the difference between UI and UX web design?

By March 17, 2022April 11th, 2022No Comments
Two programmers review web design.

What came first, the UI or the UX? Let’s crack the code on web design.

When it comes to UI and UX web design, they work together using their unique strengths to create a website armed with quality design and killer content. Let’s begin by calling out what each one brings to the table and then close with how they join forces to compose a final product. 

It’s morphin’ time! 



What is UX web design?

UX web design, short for “User Experience,” is an area of web design that interweaves critical analysis and logic to digest and plan for users’ interactions with services, systems, and products on the site. Items that fall under the UX web design umbrella include the site’s basic framework, navigation, usability, and impressions. 

A simple way to view UX is like a blueprint of a building. The blueprint is used to make sure everything planned makes the building functional, easy to access, and well organized. Just as you would never create a door on the second floor without a staircase, you would never design an e-commerce web page without smartphone accessibility. 

What is UI web design?

UI web design stands for “User Interface.” The user interface is all the beautiful steps between a user and your website. A website interface is like a set of commands or menus created to help users interact with your site. Quality UI web design will showcase a user-friendly and intuitive setup that guides users through processes on your site. In short, UI is responsible for the site’s visual design. 

If UX web design is the building blueprint, then UI web design is the interior design tying the whole space together — making it “function” as intended. After all, a lobby isn’t a lobby without a front desk or seating. If you walk into an empty room, nothing is there informing you of the room’s purpose. A bedroom isn’t a bedroom until there’s a bed in it. Does anyone want to go furniture shopping now, or is it just us? 

How UI and UX web design work together

UX and UI are complementary aspects of web design that produce one incredible end-product. When it comes to what makes them different from one another, it all comes down to their organizational roles. UX web design is considered more data-driven, focusing on how users view the website’s usage, seamlessness, and feel. 

UI web design highlights the website’s layout with elements, tools, and technical attributes directly integrated with the design process to create the “look” of the website. 

Scrolling to the bottom to get to the point? Yeah, yeah. Here’s the SparkNotes. Here’s what stages fall under each category of web design. 

UX Web Design:

  • Wireframes
  • Interaction design
  • User research
  • Information architecture

UI Web Design:

  • Visual design
  • Colors
  • Layouts
  • Typography

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