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What’s fun about work? It’s up to you.

By January 28, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

January 28th is “National Have Fun at Work Day.”

Yep, there’s a day for that. Your workplace officially has permission to go bananas in the name of fun. Nerf gun fights (you’ll shoot your eye out!), snacks, games, puzzles, crazy hair, pickle eating contests…you name it. It’s a good team-building, morale-boosting opportunity for you and your staff, and also a great way to show your customers the human side of your brand. 

At Outmark® it’s no surprise we love this day since we live and breathe, “It’s fun to be good.” 

Having fun should be part of every day for your team, not just work anniversaries, employee birthdays, or a day you may never have heard of before you read this. Even Nerf gun fights get old after a few hundred battles though, so making fun happen is a deliberate process that takes planning, time, and a budget. To get started, define what “fun” means and map it to your company culture and brand. 

For Outmark, fun means we surround ourselves with team members, clients, and vendors who love what they do and are excited about what’s to come. It means getting warm fuzzies when our client is thrilled with their new creative, ringing a cowbell when goals are crushed, counting down the seconds to a website launch, or feeling goosebumps down our arms when we watch our client’s new video. It’s laughing at ridiculous memes, being silly in Slack, having absurd on-hold music and bantering back and forth with our equally fun clients. 

So, yes, definitely take advantage of the official “National Have Fun at Work Day.” But we urge you to take a step back and consider how you can weave more fun into your work—every day.