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Year-end marketing planning? Let’s do this thing.

By November 24, 2021October 31st, 2022No Comments
A perfect journal for year-end marketing planning.

It’s that time again. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album is resurfacing, and you’re just trying to focus on getting things done before the holidays hit. But what about your year-end marketing planning? There’s probably a sticky note on your desk about that somewhere. Check under that old coffee mug. 


Something is brewing…

Every year around the beginning of November, we receive a quiver full of last-minute inquiries from some really panicked people realizing:

  1. They didn’t get everything done in the current year that they wanted to
  2. They’re getting ready to start the New Year without a strategic marketing plan
  3. They have an unused budget they need to spend
  4. Some combination of the above

So, before Q4 ends, it’s time to develop and then implement a strategic marketing plan for next year. 

Here are the essential steps to achieve that goal:

  • Review your entire program
  • Write or refine your marketing plan
  • Implement your plan, tracking results as you go
  • Apply lessons learned

Can we skip to the good part?

Sure, you could do the year-end marketing planning yourself – if you had more time. But you might have a few other things on your mind during Q4 – like finishing the year strong (and staying sane in the process). The good news is we’re lowkey strategic marketing nerds here at Outmark®. Not to sound extra, but this is our peanut butter and jelly. From the assessment/planning stage all the way to the final results and revisions, we’ve got your back – while screaming in the bleachers with face paint on. Sorry, we’re big fans…


Got your game face ready? We’ll make it easy for you to start planning now!

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