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Carlisle and Byers

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Professional Services


Carlisle + Byers breaks the mold of traditional law firms with a playful yet informative marketing approach. This Spokane-based firm, founded by Chris Carlisle and Rich Byers, specializes in workers’ compensation and civil litigation.

Every marketing strategy we craft emphasizes their approachable, down-to-earth nature, reinforcing that with Carlisle + Byers, clients are not just cases but individuals who truly matter. Our creative, engaging campaigns reflect their commitment to making legal support accessible and compassionate, mirroring their dedication to achieving justice with a touch of humanity.

A distinctly different brand

Bright and bold was the name of the game. We took on the challenge of refreshing Carlisle + Byers’ brand to ensure they stood out in the sea of sameness within the overcrowded legal landscape.

We introduced a vibrant new color palette, added versatile logo variations, updated their cabinet, and created ‘Sup cards, giving their brand a fresh and approachable feel. This modernized look differentiated Carlisle + Byers from typical law firms, making their identity more engaging and memorable. Refining their visual elements helped them escape the clutter and connect more effectively with their audience, solidifying their presence as a distinctive and relatable law firm.

Boring websites should be illegal

Bright and bold was the name of the game. We took on the challenge of refreshing Carlisle + Byers’ brand to ensure they stood out in the sea of sameness within the overcrowded legal landscape.

Outmark tackled Carlisle + Byers’ website with a mission to differentiate them and highlight their unique value. We had five key goals: drive traffic to their service pages, simplify design and copy, improve lead qualification, enhance the sitemap, and position them as thought leaders via their Resources pages. We infused the site with their lively new brand and illustrations to make it more approachable. This was not your typical legal website – and that was our goal. Additionally, we integrated Intercom to make it easy for potential clients to get questions answered. The result? A streamlined, engaging website that genuinely reflects Carlisle + Byers’ unique identity and positioning.

On display

At Outmark, we know the importance of being the brand cops and maintaining integrity across all digital platforms, especially display ads, which can sometimes feel a little out of your control. We designed eye-catching digital display ads across Google’s ad network, ensuring every ad reflected their refreshed brand identity, making it instantly recognizable and consistent with their overall image.

Swag it up

Outmark helped Carlisle and Byers take their brand to the next level with custom swag that perfectly captured their playful yet professional image. From beanies to boxes, we designed a variety of swaggy swag, each item crafted to reflect their unique identity. Our process involved ensuring every piece of swag looked great and resonated with their clients and referral partners. ‘Cause who wants swag that’ll just end up in the charity bin, recycling bin, or trash? This swagtegic approach to promotional items helped Carlisle + Byers stand out, making their brand memorable and fun.

Tune in to this

We were jazzed when Carlisle + Byers decided to create a legal podcast. Outmark crafted a distinct podcast brand for Carlisle + Byers that seamlessly integrated with their primary identity while adding a playful twist. We helped them brainstorm naming options (“Summary Judgments,” FTW), designed the logo, and created engaging swag items to boost the podcast’s visibility and appeal. Additionally, we helped shape the podcast format and developed an office sign to set the tone for their recording space.

Slam dunk design for Hoopfest

When Carlisle + Byers approached Outmark to help promote their brand at the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, Hoopfest, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to showcase their lighthearted side. To ensure their visibility and brand awareness, we created custom backboards for the five courts they sponsored, complete with unique illustrations that reinforced their brand identity. We designed custom cooling towels mimicking the backboard design, developed a Yeti cooler giveaway contest, and crafted a promotional email to amplify the Hoopfest excitement. This creative strategy helped make a lasting impression and fostered strong connections within the community.