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Roi’s Psychic Readings

See your future ROI with Roi.

Some psychics specialize in love or career readings, but Roi has always had a passion for marketing. It’s a weird focus among psychics but an obvious fit with the Outmark® team.

Roi has spent years developing their craft and knows no greater joy than helping a new client decipher the right marketing mix to meet their ideal ROI.

Reader Roi can grant insights from afar by phone or Zoom call. Book your psychic reading with Roi for greater insight into your marketing ROI in just minutes.

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Alright, alright, you got us!

Sadly, reader Roi is not a new hire here at Outmark. But never fear! We have other services that we can confidently predict will help your business grow and thrive.

Reveal your ideal company name

Our wordsmiths don’t need to consult the spirits to decipher your new brand or product name.

Transform your bad luck brand

The crystal ball tells us that your days of lackluster branding are behind you.

Communicate with the beyond

And by “beyond,” we mean all those people out there in social media land (sans ouija board).

Decipher the mysteries of web development

Abracadabra! You now have enchanting web copy and a charmed user experience.

Chart the best content marketing path for your customers

One look at your palm and your buyers’ journeys are revealed.

Get supernaturally good digital marketing

We know it feels like sorcery, but consistent digital performance is just data + creativity.

We’re seeing a phone call in your future

Want to schedule a quick chat to see how we can bring your fantasy marketing to life? Unlike our fortune-teller friend Roi, we stick to only the hard facts (plus we don’t charge by the minute).