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New Nonprofit Launches to Help Prevent Teen Opioid Overdoses

By May 21, 2020October 11th, 2023No Comments

Earlybird Alliance is a newly formed nonprofit organization of concerned parents and community members driven to act in response to the devastating impact of youth substance abuse. Formed on the Seattle Eastside after the recent deaths of local teens by Fentanyl overdose, this grassroots group aims to help parents, guardians, educators, and youth leaders find information, resources, and support before their youth reach the crisis point.

Holly McIntyre’s son was best friends with one of the boys that died last year. “It’s one of those things you never expect to hit home. The deaths of three boys from Sammamish and, more recently, one from Mt. Si, is absolutely heartbreaking. Earlybird was formed to help get in front of this problem, in part by helping families feel less alone and have a clearer path toward support,” said Holly. “Inaction wasn’t an option.”

Earlybird has embarked on a branding and website development project with Outsource Marketing. Outmark® recently named the new organization and will be completing the project pro-bono to support this important cause and to honor 143 Day—a celebration of kindness inspired by Fred Rogers, from the PBS television show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

About Earlybird

Addiction and overdose deaths are a national epidemic and an emerging issue among youth in our local community. Most support organizations are designed to help families already in crisis—Earlybird aims to support them before it gets that far. The organization is a grassroots nonprofit composed of parents and community members who are concerned about youth substance abuse and moved to act. To keep apprised of Earlybird and their mission, follow them on Facebook.

About Outsource Marketing

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