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Outmark’s 25th anniversary time capsule

By July 25, 2022July 29th, 2022No Comments

Turning back time for our 25th anniversary

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Outmark®, we decided to bring it back to where it all began, 1997. What better way to honor the ’90s than to share our own throwbacks from The Good Decade? Past the old Tamagotchi and that orange Rugrats VHS, you’ll find a bunch of totally tubular peeps. 

Even though the Outmark team didn’t know each other back in the day, it’s pretty clear we all knew that it’s fun to be good. We hope some of our ’90s memories spark some of your own. Let’s get jiggy with it. Bring on the throwbacks. 

It’s time to open the time capsule

Abigail Quam – Marketing Coordinator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Cartoon Network

Andrea Moretsky – Marketing Integrator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Pearl Jam

Britta Springer – Marketing Integrator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The fashion accessory slap bracelets

Hayley Watkins – Graphic Designer
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Watching Nickelodeon

Jeanie Walker – Marketing Integrator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The 211 Pool Hall

Jen Kodosky – Operations Manager
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Listening to Biggie, Black Street, and Usher

Kayla Everett – Graphic Designer
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Super Mario 64

Kayla Horton – Marketing Integrator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The movies The Craft and Practical Magic

Lilly Stall – Marketing Coordinator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Baby Bottle Pop candy

Lizzie Gow – Copywriter
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The movie Matilda

Nick LaPolla – Lead Developer
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The movie The Matrix

Olivia Shaw – Marketing Coordinator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The movie The Parent Trap

Patrick Byers – Founder/CEO
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Griffey, Gar, Bone, and the Big Unit

Paul Deans – Digital Lead
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Rheana Hersey – Director of Creative
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Butterfly hair clips in allll the colors

Rick Blythe – CRM and Marketing Automation Specialist
Favorite ‘90s throwback: The classic leather jacket

Tricia Vowles – Marketing Integrator
Favorite ‘90s throwback: Blockbuster

Be kind. Please rewind. 

You’ve come to the end of Outmark’s 25th anniversary time capsule. While we’ll always look to the future to inspire better marketing, we carry our past experiences with us. Everyone’s story shapes their unique point of view and bridges a connection with others, and we think that’s pretty dope. 

Now, if you don’t mind, could you get offline? We need to make a phone call.