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Reach out and Touch Someone

By October 15, 2014August 19th, 2020No Comments

In a technology-centric world, the simple act of touch often gets replaced with a click of a button. Genuine human interaction is quickly turning into screen-to-screen relationships in which we  maintain friendships by mindlessly scrolling through our feed. While humanity has the potential to be more connected than ever through social media, we are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of maintaining face-to-face relationships.

Here at Outsource Marketing, we’re a little old school. We think the best marketing involves genuine human interaction. While passive in-bound marketing (website, blogs, social media, etc.) is critical for building presence in the marketplace, the best marketers effectively reach out and proactively touch new prospects. Touch in marketing means using the telephone (gasp!), email, direct mail, events, and above all, face-to-face interaction.

Many people think outbound marketing is outdated. They are wrong. These tools still work, but only when executed in the most effective way…and when supported with content-based in-bound marketing efforts. Touch in marketing is incredibly powerful if done right.

Reach out and touch someone – we’re here to help.

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