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We’ve waited all year: Super Bowl ads have begun!

By February 8, 2024February 16th, 2024No Comments
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We’ve waited all freakin’ year: Super Bowl ads!

It’s no secret that the importance of Super Bowl ads in American history is on par with events like Mardi Gras, Earth Day, and New Year’s. Advertisers invest millions of dollars to create memorable ads that score with their over 113 million Americans. The Super Bowl offers a massive platform for brand relevance and culture.

Why do people eagerly await Super Bowl ads? According to a report by Forbes, Super Bowl ads are popular because they entertain emotionally and memorably. And how fun is it to sit on a couch with your friends, drink in hand, and critique ads?

Ads used to be ‘funny’; they showed babies talking about financial investing and rugged old cowboy/cat wranglers on a cattle/cat drive. However, the definition of ‘funny’ is changing. Remember the Holiday Inn ad from 1997? After they completed $1 billion in renovations, they placed a Super Bowl ad featuring a transgender woman. The cringeworthy ad listed the cost of a woman’s body parts as she strutted across the room during her class reunion. A man attempts to flirt with her before he suddenly exclaims, “Bob Johnson?!” This ad didn’t appeal to viewers then and hasn’t aged well since.

Super Bowl ads and the call for DEI

Responsible ads for the Super Bowl are becoming more important to viewers. Advertisers must be aware of diversity, equity, and inclusion so their ads don’t offend any particular group or community. Advertisers also need to be mindful of the messages they are conveying and the impact they may have on the audience.

The biggest mistake Super Bowl advertisers will make is failing to create ads that align with their brand values. Again, we need to be reminded of the Holiday Inn ad. Oy.

Super Bowl ads give us insights into what people want to hear

Analyzing Super Bowl ads from a marketing perspective provides valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Advertisers can learn from successful Super Bowl ads and apply those insights to their marketing strategies.

When major events cycle through the year, Outmark® captures the best and worst in branding and marketing, which we proudly feature in our Basecamp projects as “Gimme Fun.”

So, what can we expect for Super Bowl 2024? Check out this article: The Biggest Mistake Super Bowl Advertisers Will Make in 2024: Don’t Fumble Your Super Bowl Strategy.

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Game on

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