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Carlisle + Byers Case Study

case study

Outmark helps Carlisle + Byers bust stereotypes

The workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers at Carlisle + Byers recognize the negative stereotypes of their industry. But Chris Carlisle and Rich Byers don’t fit into the traditional attorney mold. Slathered in Seahawks gear and jeans, these attorneys immediately give you the “it’s gonna be okay” vibe. They’re friendly, personable, relatable, and have a passion for helping their clients get back to their lives as soon as possible.

Rich loves to strum a guitar and will talk music with you all day. Chris devotes time to his son’s Boy Scouts troop. Raising families of their own, Chris and Rich see the importance of getting a fair and timely resolution for their clients. Not to mention both have had their own personal experiences dealing with personal injury and workers’ comp cases.

Unfortunately, their website was dated and didn’t effectively translate who they are. It looked like a traditional corporate law firm site—dark and content-heavy. Chris and Rich were also taking on more personal injury cases, but the PI service area was difficult to find.

A large percentage of traffic was coming through mobile and the site failed to provide a seamless user experience. The site lacked a chat function, easy-to-locate service areas, a lead qualification process, and the friendly feel of their brand. All of these roadblocks went against Rich and Chris’s goal to make it as easy as possible for a client to get help and start the road to recovery.

Outmark’s #1 goal is to have fun. This includes working with clients who also value making marketing fun. And Carlisle + Byers were all in (fist bump).

Our kickass design and development team created a mobile-friendly sitemap that was easy to navigate. We drastically changed the design—out with the dark and foreboding colors; in with soft greens and blues, loads of white space, and a dash of playful illustrations to seal the deal. Rich’s response to the illustration of himself? “Super cool!! Yet another thing you guys have come up with that has me grinning ear to ear.”

For interface usability, we created clickable buttons above the fold that lead to Personal Injury and Workers Compensation pages. Intercom was integrated so that site visitors could speak with Chris and Rich in real-time. We improved the lead qualification process with free consultation forms that gave the user opportunities to drill down and add information about their unique situation.

Most importantly, the website focus now prioritizes how Chris and Rich can help people get back on their feet and recover. The white space, illustrations, and updated copy reflect their brand.

The whole process was a blast from start to finish. The team at Outmark does several things really well, but at their core, they have the ability to take your input, digest it, and then bring back ideas that incorporate your thoughts with elements of design, strategy, timing, and efficiency (along with countless others). Their process lets the image you want to portray to your customers occupy a space that is unique to you, but at the same time is presented as polished, professional, and deliberate.

Part of it is Outmark’s ability to do various deep dives into concepts and come back with several options, and then several variations on each option that maintain a flow or consistency, but tweak it and turn the dials until you get something that is somehow exactly what you wanted, but also what you never expected. They don’t try to force-fix your problems with the same old tools; they identify your particular needs and then create a whole new set of tools to meet them.

If Q from the James Bond movies decided to get out of the spy gadget game and try his hand at marketing, he’d fit right in at Outmark.

Rich Byers, Co-Founder
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