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Outmark insight: The importance of marketing for nonprofit organizations

By July 22, 2021March 24th, 2022No Comments
Earlybird alliance logo from Outsource Marketing

As a seasoned marketing agency that pioneered marketing outsourcing way back in 1997, we understand the positive impact that good marketing, rooted in research and strategy, can have on an organization. Sadly, nonprofits rarely have the budget to give their brand the attention it needs to stand out from the growing crowd.

Our work with Earlybird Alliance

Our pro bono marketing project with Earlybird Alliance showcases how a big mission can become a reality with good marketing that resonates.

Who is Earlybird Alliance?

On the Eastside of Seattle, Earlybird Alliance was established following the death of a local teen from a Fentanyl overdose. Most parents don’t think drug misuse and overdose will ever hit close to home. However, without a proactive approach to substance education, young people are left uninformed and susceptible.

The Earlybird mission

Earlybird’s goal is to educate youth on substance misuse through early information, advocacy, and support for parents and guardians before a crisis occurs.

Hatching the Earlybird brand

One of the most exciting parts about working with Earlybird Alliance was getting to build its brand from scratch. After all, it’s the opportunity to take a company’s purpose and bring it to life that fuels our creativity.

Knowing the importance of marketing for nonprofit organizations, Outmark took its time to understand Earlybird’s brand identity to craft its name, logo, voice, mission statement, website, and social media presence.

The name “Earlybird” is a play on words lending to the early education and support the nonprofit embodies. The power of good marketing allows people to see more than just your aesthetic, but into the very core of what your business stands for. Everything from a brand’s personality to its key differentiator should flow within all marketing materials. Magic? We like to think so.

Flying into the next phase of marketing

There is still so much to do as we continue to build on the Earlybird brand. Moving forward, we will develop a guide on their website that lists substances A-Z, additional preventative tips, and other helpful resources for parents seeking immediate help.

How you can help (Yes, you.)

After the year we’ve all had, we hope to inspire our network to volunteer in any capacity they have through serving their local community, charities, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. If you’re interested in volunteering or donating to the Earlybird Alliance, click here for more information. To stay in the loop on the latest Earlybird news, follow them on Facebook.

Outsource Marketing is proud to be a continued resource for Earlybird Alliance as its nonprofit grows. We believe that it’s fun to be good and fun to do good! Want to learn more about working with our marketing outsourcing team? Schedule a free consultation today.