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Congrats on 25 years of usability leadership, Jakob Nielsen

By April 22, 2008January 29th, 2021One Comment

Having a website that’s difficult to use is downright irresponsible.

The first time I ever gave it a thought, I did a Yahoo! search (Google didn’t exist) and happened upon by Jakob Nielsen.

It really opened my eyes to web usability, and since 1995, I’ve read just about everything Nielsen has published on the web and a number of his books as well.

You might think usability research would be about as fun as watching paint dry, and normally I’d agree with you. But even though Nielsen plays it straight, his writing style is easy to follow and his examples are usually fascinating.

Here are a few of his articles I’ve shared, some of them many times:

I’ve referenced Nielsen often when I’ve instructed courses on the topic, and I make sure anyone working on Outsource Marketing web projects becomes familiar with his research.

Congratulations on 25 years of leadership, Mr. Nielsen. Thanks for making usability accessible for the rest of us.

Is your company website easy to navigate? Have you ever conducted a usability test? Why or why not?

Comment below to share your thoughts.

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