D2 Man swoops in to save Top-Flite’s sagging brand

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Think your company is too conservative to be creative? Think again.

Top-Flite’s fading brand desperately needs help. On March 5th, D2 Man arrived to help the company become relevant again amid a sea of strong new competitors.

In nine days, the following viral has generated nearly a million views on YouTube and a fair amount of word of mouth:

Imagine Top-Flite’s national brand manager, Nate Randle, trying to sell this one:

Okay, so, he’s a golfer. And a superhero. He says macho things, kind of like a rapper. Well, actually he is a rapper. And he has two hot girls with him that are his backup singers. Did I mention they are dressed like schoolgirls? With short skirts? Oh, I forgot that part. Anyway, they cruise around in his convertible and dance around on golf courses. It will all work together. I swear. I can totally see it.”

The golf world has nearly been swept under by a wave of play it safe wimpitude. Fortunately, D2 Man has come along just in time to save golf from the evils of wuss play.

If you lay up, pitch out, or lag putt, D2 Man will be there, mercilessly calling you out on your golfing cowardice.

Here here.

I’m rooting for D2 Man. This campaign is highly creative without falling into the abyss of the lewd and low-brow.

D2 Man is fun, and I hope he can save the day for Top-Flite.

While he’s at it, he can call out companies that haven’t mustered the nerve to do something really different with their marketing.

Before they need saving too.

What say you?

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  • D2 MAN says:

    Big Ups to you responsible marketeer blog writer for realizing that golfers have had enough of the technology story. Every golf ball is longer and softer. Every driver is longer and straighter…how much more can the average consumer take? At Top-Flite, we take the game and our equipment serious, but we don’t take ourselves so serious! It’s the stuffy, uptight, take 6 hours to play a round attitude that is driving people away from the game. We need to bring people back to the game and show them the lighter side of the cup. With some dance moves, beautiful sidekicks and a smooth little tune that you have to listen to at least twice – we’re on our way to adding a smile to those that may be letting the game stress them out a little too much. As long as you never lay up – D2 MAN and Top-Flite have your back.

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