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Entertaining, but effective?

By December 26, 2007August 19th, 20203 Comments

Ready for a little break from the barrage of holiday advertising? I am, and I like advertising. I was hoping I’d find a few holiday-themed ads to share, but then I realized, the most entertaining and memorable ad I’ve seen this season wasn’t a holiday ad at all.

It was a Jack-in-the-Box ad, and I just about fell out of my chair when I saw it. Haven’t seen it yet? Take 30 seconds to view it now.

The casting was perfect. And isn’t that the best butt-cut you’ve seen since 1982. Sweet.

Although I don’t eat there, if I skip a Jack-in-the-Box ad with my TiVo, I’ll boop-boop-boop back to it. There are a few advertisers I will consistently do that for. VW. Apple. Even some Bud ads some of the time.

Sure, I don’t drive a VW. I have a few Apple products but I haven’t switched from my Dell PCs, nor will I anytime soon. And I haven’t had a Bud in 20 years (I prefer Guinness).

But advertising that entertains is advertising that gets your attention and drives word-of-mouth.

So, who do you think does the most entertaining ads? And other than a sales circular, can you think of an ad campaign that moved you enough to go out and purchase something recently?

I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Hey Patrick –

    Hope you and yours had a great holiday! This will sound so obvious, but I have to say that GEICO has done a great job over the years of building their image through fun and entertaining ads.

    The recent “Real Story” ads they’ve rolled out are really cute. I especially like the Beverly Hillbillies ad.

    The LOL line – “I was suspicious of this whole ‘Texas Tea’ theory.”

    The celebrity spokesperson ads are awesome as well … I especially liked the movie announcer spot …

    They take a fuddy-duddy industry (insurance) and make it fun and memorable. I’m sure a lot of people give them a look when they are at a “point of decision” with their insurance.


  • Max says:

    Entertaining, but effective? thanks for this post!

  • Hi there…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..what a nice Sunday

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