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Creative Summerfun

Exercises to get your creative wheels spinning

By September 19, 2014July 22nd, 2020No Comments

Like any sport or activity, practice makes perfect. In order to stay sharp, you have to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you are trying to avoid a creative rut, trying to get out of a rut, or you’re just plain bored, try these three exercises to jog that creative mind.

1. Design a new letter of the alphabet
The task: Create a 27th letter of the alphabet. When you’ve been taught your whole life to think inside the box of a 26 letter alphabet, creating a new one is harder than it sounds. Maybe try creating a letter for “th” or “ion.” Maybe its a symbol? Maybe its a hybrid of letters?

2. Pick an object and list what you can do with it
The task: Start with a basic object, let’s say a brick, and write down as many possible things as you can think of that it can be used for. You’ll most likely start with basic ideas (like building a house) but you’ll find you can do some pretty creative things with that simple object!

3. Write continuously for 3 minutes
The task: Write for three minutes without stopping. Seriously, no breaks. Try starting with an already existing story and see where you can take it. Besides a few spelling errors, you’ll find you’re more of a story teller than you give yourself credit for.

#CreativeSummer14 – Day 90/93

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