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Responsible Marketing

Fiat’s gangsta “motherhood” rap. Responsible or not?

By January 2, 2013January 21st, 2021One Comment

MPG this, mid-size luxury car that. So many car companies are content with aerial footage of their product ripping through the curves. Ooh. Exciting.

This ain’t the case with Fiat’s ad for the 500L. With a clever play on the word motherhood, FiatUK just dropped this bomb on ‘yo punk asses’:

Being strategically responsible doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Quite the contrary. Research, positioning, and brave execution can transform the drab into the delightful. But marketing without the requisite planning to ensure that it fits within in the larger goals and objectives of an organization is doomed to be just another “me too” brand.

Fiat’s new video is out there — blink and you’ll miss the “faking orgasms” bit — but it’s garnered nearly two million views in about three weeks. That’s no Gangnam Style, but that’s not too shabby.

So what do you think? Is it Responsible Marketing?


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  • Melanie Wilhoite says:

    Love it.  It goes on too long, but there’s nothing irresponsible about it.  It’s a total send up, and it’s sure to appeal to its intended audience.  Clearly they are staying on strategy after introducing the brand to the US with J. Lo.  Appeal to women with women they can relate to, or in JLo’s case aspire to.

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