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GOOD Magazine’s innovative subscription model

By September 30, 2008June 10th, 2021No Comments

GOOD Magazine's innovative subscription model
In The coffee is $3. The GOOD is free, I told you about The GOOD Sheet, a weekly “graphical exploration of some of the major issues facing us in this election season and beyond,” being distributed at all Starbucks nationally.

What I didn’t share was their groundbreaking subscription model: You pay whatever you want, and 100% of the subscription money goes to charity.

Here’s their promotional copy from their Facebook Group:

If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We

Yup. Pick your price. Pay what you want: a dollar or more.

It all goes to charity.

And you get GOOD for a year (a subscription was $20 before).

Our goal is to create a collaborative community of individuals, businesses, and non-profits. We feel that the content is the invitation into this community and we didn?t want to make the invitation too expensive.

We thought about what we like and respect, and we decided that what Radiohead did meshed with where our heads are at.

So meet the new model for GOOD.

Hopefully this is an invitation you’ll accept.

Hopefully you’ll find content that turns you on, people who share your mindset, and tools that help you live the valuable life however you see it.

Join GOOD here.



The charity options are:

GOOD says this is a test, so this offer may not last forever.

Get your subscription to GOOD now, and I’ll tell you, while you can pay $1, it’s worth more than just about any other magazine you are currently subscribing to.

So, what do you think of GOOD?

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No, I haven’t been paid to promote GOOD. I’m a fan, and you should be too.

Thanks to Freddy Nager, a friend of this blog and purveyor of the excellent Cool Rules Pronto Blog (you gotta love the name). Freddy sent me the copy from the Facebook promo and thought it might be good fodder for this blog. I obviously agreed.

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