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Green up your summer

By June 16, 2016July 23rd, 2020No Comments

It’s easy to get lazy during the easy breezy summer months. This includes forgetting that summer is one of the most important times to keep it green.

Use these tips this summer to help protect Mama Earth:

  • When you are headed to the beach, pack waste-friendly snacks. This includes using reusable containers and water bottles. Not to mention purchasing organic snacks as much as possible.
  • Protect your skin with all-natural sunscreens that the Environmental Working Group recommends
  • Organically grow your own fruits and vegetables. It’s fun, easy, a great activity for the whole family, and there’s nothing like sourcing your evening meal from the backyard!
  • Use organic or all natural yard products. Check out this recipe for a vinegar-based weed killer. Or, do it the ol’ fashioned way and get your screen-addicted kids out there to pull the weeds.
  • Grilling? Use a propane grill instead of charcoal.
  • Conserve water by using water saving nozzles both inside and outside
  • Don’t over water your grass. Brown is the new green. And yes, your grass should come back in the fall.
  • Feeling a bit warm inside your house? Try to minimize the use of air conditioning by using ceiling fans, keeping blinds shut, turning lights off, and purchasing a smart thermometer.
  • Wash your car at eco-friendly car washes
  • Get your bike off the rack and use it! Ever tried riding your bike to work? Might be faster and easier than you think.
  • Make riding community transit (trains/buses) part of the fun on your family day out
  • Headed to the airport? Explore transit options instead of driving your car.

These are just a handful of ideas to help green up your summer. What are some ideas you are employing for eco-friendly summer living?

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