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Get “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” free* when you learn about our marketing management services.

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Does your marketing have rhythm? And by “rhythm,” we aren’t asking if you can bust a move. We’re talking about a seamless rhythm of communication within your business and its marketing function.

Referenced by business leaders worldwide, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish uncovers the leadership and management principles used by John D. Rockefeller. Some of the essential Rockefeller habits include:

  • Pick five priorities per year, and then focus on one main priority per quarter
  • Develop a rhythm of regular communication, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings
  • Using data to drive decisions is key, and responding to that learning is paramount
  • Finding the “X factor” in your business — the chokepoint — and eliminating it
  • Plan and prepare all time, with the focus on very short and very long timeframes – 10 year plans, and regular quarterly planning

Would John D. Rockefeller have outsourced his marketing? We think so. At Outsource Marketing, we always start with a plan, then through our Marketing

Get a free copy when you learn about our marketing management services.

Get a free copy when you learn about our marketing management services.

Management services, we help clients break marketing logjams and build rhythm that moves marketing forward. Not every client wants to do daily meetings, but we do meet with many of our clients weekly to help build and maintain marketing mojo.

If your marketing management needs a boost, contact us today at (800) 803-3229, ext. 1 or ask us about our marketing management services and we’ll send you a free copy* of “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.”

*Come on. You know nothing is free. The book won’t cost you any money, but you must be a qualified company considering marketing management services, and, hey, time is money, right? The book will be provided in Kindle or printed version after an initial no-obligation meeting with Outsource Marketing. We think you’ll find the book–and the meeting–worth your time.

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