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Responsible Marketing

Not interested in Blow? Try Meth instead.

By February 28, 2008August 19th, 20204 Comments

Meth Coffee
The response to my post regarding Blow Energy Drink yesterday was a hearty two thumbs down. So, I can only imagine what you might think of Meth Coffee.

From their homepage:

Dear Agent,

I am dispatching to you a sample of smooth and highly seismological coffee bean substance. Try this new flammable specimen, but distribute with caution.

METH COFFEE, a volatitherepeutic beverage, IS FORMULATED after chemical confetti and wakes zombies, f*%#s with perfectionists, straightens drunks, rattles teetotalers, revs vandals in search of impetus, brightens house chores AND CUTS BOREDOM LIKE A GODDAMN RAZOR.

Their two minute ad follows. It’s all about shock value, so viewer discretion is advised:

As you might expect, they are getting a ton of media coverage, from Business Week to ABC News to High Times.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the folks at Blow Energy Drink Mix and Meth Coffee are trying to one-up each other?

Other than the enviable buzz (pun intended) and word of mouth these companies are generating, do they have any redeeming value?

What say you?

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  • Kevin says:


    Another instance of the love of money cutting off the flow of blood to the brain.

  • Mary Kate Baker says:

    I am really appalled by this video. It is disgusting and fascinating at the same time. Fascinating in the sense that they were able to produce a cheap “ad” and, due to the disturbing content, get SO much attention from the media. Does this mean that instead of “sex sells” it should be “drugs sell” as the new outlook on campaigns? This is a great example of irresponsible marketing. However, it makes our message of responsible marketing that much more difficult when companies look at the traffic these appalling irresponsible ads receive. Companies may not want to go this far but they may be tempted to throw in something just a bit racy in an attempt to grab attention.

  • Oh my God! says:

    Is this a real ad?????????? This is way disturbing! I am a serious coffeeholic, and this disturbs me, and makes me wonder if I should continue drinking as much of the stuff as I do. Equating it with drugs is just plain wrong… *shudder*…. Way too far….way irresponsible…..

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